BBQ Menus

BBQ Menu 1

  • Classic Quarter Pounder Burger with a Variety of Relishes, Sauces and Mustards
  • Barbequed Cumberland Sausages with Fried Onions
  • Marinated Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks in a Spicy brown sauce
  • Hot Jacket Potatoes and Butter  Coleslaw Salad
  • Assorted Mixed Seasonal Salad
  • Decorated English Cream Trifle with strawberries
  • Fresh Bread and Butter

Price:  £23.00 + VAT per person

BBQ Menu 2

  • Gourmet grilled Beef Burgers served with Mature Cheddar and Red Onion Marmalade
  • In a fresh Brioche Bun
  • Whole roasted and Barbeque Glazed Chicken Pieces
  • Piquant marinated Lamb Kebabs, with peppers and red onion
  • Hot Baked Oriental Vegetarian Capsicum Glazed with Cheese
  • Greek salad with diced Feta and Olives
  • Cous Cous with vegetables and sultanas
  • Provençale pasta salad
  • Fruit topped Cheesecake with fresh cream
  • Fresh bread and Butter

Price:  £25.00 + VAT per person

BBQ Menu 3

  • Cajun-Spiced Fish Kebabs with Mushrooms, Courgettes and Onions
  • Glazed Devilled Pork Spare Ribs in a Rich Tomato Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Marinated Chicken thighs and drumsticks Barbequed in a spicy brown sauce
  • Hot Baked Oriental Vegetarian Capsicum Glazed with Cheese
  • Hot New Minted Potatoes with Parsley
  • Tomato, Radish and Spring Onion Bowl
  • Mixed Vegetable Salad
  • Lettuce, Bean shoots and Mixed Nut Salad
  • Vanilla Cheesecake with a red berry compote
  • Fresh bread and Butter
  • Tea and Coffee

Price: £25.00 + VAT per person

BBQ Menu 4

  • Selection of assorted canapes on arrival, variety of meat, fish and vegetarian
  • Teriyaki marinated Rib-eye Steak, Flashed Grilled
  • Served with homemade aoili
  • Brochette of Coriander Scented Chicken Breast, Served with Mint Yogurt
  • Chilli and Honey Flavoured Game Sausages (or Cumberland sausages if preferred)
  • Sliced Sweet Potatoes and Herbed Salad
  • Bismarck Salad: Lettuce heart, red cabbage and horseradish
  • French bean and Mushroom Vinaigrette
  • Baby Beetroot with Orange Dressing
  • Cherry Tomatoes and Iceberg
  • Sharp Lemon Tart and Cream
  • Fresh Bread and Butter

Price: £30.00 + VAT per person

BBQ Menu 5

  • Pulled Pork in a Smokey barbeque sauce, served with a floured bap
  • Marinated Fresh Scotch Salmon and Vegetable Kebabs with Dill Dressing
  • Barbequed Minute Scaloppines of Norfolk Turkey Breast
  • Hot Baked Casserole of Assorted Root Vegetables, with a Paprika Breadcrumb Glaze
  • Hot Jacket Potatoes, served with chive sour cream and mature cheddar
  • Caesar Salad with Parmesan Cheese
  • Classic Coleslaw
  • Tossed mixed salad leaves with cherry tomatoes and cucumber batons
  • Luxury Black Forest Gateaux with Kirsch and Cream
  • Fresh Bread and Butter

Price: £30.00 + VAT per person

To add Tea and Coffee to your menu:

£3.75 + VAT per person
Includes cups and saucers, milk, sugars and all accompaniments

Staff surcharge:

0 – 74 guests – £110.00 + VAT
75 – 99 guests – £55.00 + VAT
100 + guests – No charge

Barbeque menus will be freshly cooked on board for your event, and then set up and served as a buffet for you and your guests. Barbeque menus are served on real crockery and cutlery, and we will provide napkins and white disposable tablecloths for the tables, linen tablecloths can be added for an extra cost of £4.75 + VAT per cloth if required.

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